I have completed 50+ Running, Cycling and Triathlon races in the last eight years. This includes 3 “Ironman” (140.6 mile) distance races in 12 months: 2014 at IM Florida, 2015 IM Boulder and 2015 The Great Floridian in Clermont, FL. Where I finished 6th overall and was the fastest male 40 and over. I am also currently Ranked 245 Nationally and 18th in Florida in my age group. For 2015 I hold the title of “All American” Status through USA Triathlon (USAT).

My name is Tom Egan.

 I am passionate about Swimming, Cycling and Running. I enjoy working with all athletes that are committed to improving. I especially enjoy working with beginner to intermediate experienced athletes. My favorite part of coaching is sharing my experience in a way that makes sense to the athlete and can be immediately implemented. I take a hands on approach so be ready to lace up your shoes, jump in the pool or go for a ride with me. It's how I like to coach, hands on.

Coach Tom the athlete:

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